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01. Introduction

This is the Romanian Kitsch Museum. It is the best way to understand Romanian (sub)culture.. The Romanian Kitsch is authentic as we are creative, ridiculous and proud in the same time. We promote the KITSCH in the most tasteful way. There is no good or bad taste. Beauty is what YOU like.

kitsch jesus


He suffered for our amusement
Fun Level.. meh


Imagery that deep down
we all like.


All around us
and in every one of us
Bad Taste
Just Wrong

02. Visit Us

Romanian Kitsch Museum is the landmark of Bucharest.
Covaci 6 (easy access from Soarelui Street) - for limousine pickup, please write us Bucharest Old Town.
Open daily: 12:00 – 23:00

03. What can you see

Get inspired by our Romanian Kitsch collection:

04. Testimonials

Most awesomest and coolest place on Earth. Kitsch Museum is by far the most professional kitsch museum ever

Pepe - Our Lord and Saviour

Kitsch Museum has stopped global warming here in the Siberian thundra where from -50 degrees we are at -49 degrees.

Igor - the IceCream salesman

As always Kitsch Museum was the only thing to visit in Bucharest in a borring and sunny day.

Not-a-Fake Person - Proffesional Testimonialer

We called The Kitsch Museum for a tour guide, but they forgot

Tziom Ping - Tzion Des

05. Your Kitsch

Display your kitsch in our museum
Got Romanian kitsch? Want to display it in our museum? Just send the photos at
Artwork expected for the Kitsch Art Gallery upstairs

06. Articles

0. Povestea adevarata a leului auriu
Date July 20, 2017
1. SOC! Spargere la Muzeul Kitschului! [VIDEO]
Date July 16, 2017
2. Lasati familia traditionala in pace!
Date July 7, 2017
3. Romanian Kitsch Awards
Date July 3, 2017
4. Istoria cocalarilor. Originile si evolutia.
Date June 19, 2017

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  • Visit Covaci 6 (easy access from Soarelui Street)
    Bucharest - Romania
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  • Call Us +40 737 469 208